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Maths help at home


Golden Rule:

Whatever you do, make sure your children enjoy it.

If they struggle to understand, make mistakes, or get bored: keep calm, make it easier, change the subject, tell them a joke, play football, go to the park …. but please don’t get cross or impatient - you could put them off maths for life.

Generally the advice is;

The links on the site under Key Learning Objectives will give you an indication of the content and level of maths your children are likely to be working on at school. The following gives a very rough idea of appropriate activities within broad age bands.


For all ages

One very good idea which is appropriate for any level, so the whole car/bus/train/plane can be involved.

Ask the question:

'The answer is 10 (or any number), what’s the question? '

Possible responses:

This is a brilliant activity because: there's no failure; it stimulates thinking about and stretching knowledge of numbers and mathematical relationships; it's good fun.


Young children, e.g. 3 - 7

Everyday situations:

Play activities/games:

Mental activities:

All of the above provide the foundation for mathematical understanding and development. 


Older children 8-11

Everyday situations:

Play activities/games:

Mental activities:

Mary Ruddle