key stage 2 ks2 maths explained for parents

In the parents section we provide explanations for parents of the maths and numeracy methods taught in key stage 2 in British schools.

Parents guides to maths taught in schools

Under the National Numeracy Strategy maths is taught using the same technique in all schools. We have parents guides and tutorials on grid multiplication , short division , addition and subtraction , using the number line and also a guide to number squares .

Numeracy Learning Objectives in ks2

Our fun numeracy website contains guides to how to help your child with maths at home using fun games and activities at home and in the car. We look at helping teach kids numeracy in the kitchen and at the supermarket and in the playground.


Learning times tables with fun multiplication games

We have really fun maths games for kids to help them learn and revise their times tables. Learning maths is fab fun with our ks2 numeracy activities and multiplication facts are so easy to learn.


Learning to tell the time

Join the Dad with a dodgy bot and his family in a series of animated adventures to help children learn to tell the time. Learn to use the minute hands, the hour hands and about clock faces. We have analogue and digital clocks so that children learn how to tell the time with all clocks.

learn telling time Part 1

learning telling time Part 2

Numeracy Skills

Kids can practice their ks2 numeracy skills on mad4maths using our online maths games. The numeracy activities, numeracy worksheets and numeracy assessment activities are all free.

If you are a teacher looking for key stage 2 maths assessment and other numeracy activities then mad4maths is for you.

We are also hoping to create numeracy plans, and maths sheets for key stage 2 numeracy.


Mad4Maths also features

Numeracy help for parents

Teachers can direct parents to the guides to numeracy methods taught in primary schools and show them the cool fun adventures regarding telling the time and understanding clocks.

grid multiplication guides for parents, mathematics division tutorials for parents, addition and subtraction help for parents

also number place value and the use of the number line and number squares.

mathematics division using chunking chunking is the new way children are taught division.

mathematics addition and subtraction help for parents wanting to help their children with their maths homework.

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