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multiplication table math games

A series of games to test knowledge of the multiplication tables whilst having fun at the same time. Each game features a scoreboard showing the highest scores in the last seven days.

Meet the Family

Dad with a dodgy bot lives with his children, Oz and Bex and their pets in a wacky house at Windy Bottom. This page introduces the characters.

Learning to tell the time

A series of interactive animations to assist youngsters with learning to tell the time.

Links to Fun Maths Websites

Links to kids maths games and fun websites.


Contact Dad

Email Dad with your comments and suggestions. He'd love to hear from you.


math help Addition and Subtraction

Using the number line and other tools such as number squares that arae used in schools to teach addition and subtraction.

math help Division

Forget long division. The chunking method is used in schools now. It's easy and explained in full here.

math help Multiplication

The standard method of teaching multiplication in schools is grid multiplication, which breaks down each calculation into easy chunks. Long multiplication is only taught once grid multiplication has been mastered. Full explanations of both methods here.

math help for parents

Some advice from a leading maths educationalist on how to help your child with KS2 maths (6-11 yr olds).

Key Stage 2 Learning Objectives

The maths that your child should be learning each year in school.

The New Order of Learning

The order in which maths is taught has changed dramatically in the last ten years as the National Curriculam has been introduced..

Number Place Value

This important concept is the basis of all maths. Children need to understand this concept right from the start.

maths links for parents

links to maths websites of interest to parents.


teacher Resources

Resources that other teachers would like to share.

teacher Links

Links to various teacher resource sites, the Dfes etc.